WITovation Awards 2012

PURPOSE: To recognize companies or individuals which have made a difference in a chosen field, either through a specific marketing campaign or an overall strategy, in the digital travel space in 2013.



Uber Social

The company which has made the most awesome use of social media to tell a story, engage with the customer to improve service, increase loyalty and improve revenues.

Absolute Mobile

The company which has most brilliantly used the mobile device to engage with customers, whether pre-trip, in-destination or post-trip, and to inform, inspire and transact.

True Specialist

The company that has most successfully carved out a niche so special and deep, told its story well online, engaged well with its customers and delivered an outstanding experience.

Pure Customer

The company that most understands the changing needs of the new customer and puts customer experience and customer service at the core of what it does.

Marketer of the Year – An Editor’s Choice

  • Recognising an individual marketer or company who embodies the ethos of WIT.
  • Creative, witty, respected, credibility, cutting edge.

CRITERIA – what the judges looked for:

1.  Medium/Media – a clear demonstration of great use of the medium (or media) in the chosen category – for example, in mobile, it is the use of a mobile device.

2.  The Message – what was the message and how well was it delivered?

3.  Creativity – in concept, execution and delivery

4.  Connection – it’s not about being cool for cool’s sake but how well did it connect with the intended audience? What tangible results/metrics did it achieve?

5.  The X Factor – a specificity that is unique to each category



If you think you deserve to win in the WITovation Awards, send in your nominations using this template to nursyaz23@gmail.com or submit a 3-minute video, telling us why you should win.  DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS SEPTEMBER 10, 2013.

Winners will be selected by our panel of judges and be given a presentation slot to share their story at the WIT Conference. The judges’ decision is final.


Marketer of the Year

Kathleen Tan, Group Commercial Head, AirAsia








AsiaRooms.com – “The Right Room” Campaign







TripAdvisor – TripAdvisor City Guides








AGORA Hospitalities – Agora Place Asakusa







W Singapore - “Night Casting”










•  Customer Lover: AirAsia
•  Mobile Mover: Cleartrip, India
•  Social Groover: Accor Australia
•  Groove Specialista: Ibis Bencoolen, Singapore
•  Groovy Marketer: House of Travel, New Zealand

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