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Good response to trippiece’s English website
23/10/2014, by

trippiece, the Japanese website that was founded in Tokyo in 2011 to introduce the idea of “social travelling” to young inbound travellers, has seen success with its English website set up in April 2014.Since the English site’s launch, the online “social travelling” company has focused on ... Read more

Eight best quotes by Gareth Williams, CEO, Skyscanner
20/10/2014, by

With the WIT Bootcamp, APAC's only travel start-up event just a week away, some gems of wisdom worth sharing from Gareth Williams, CEO and co-founder of Skyscanner, found in this article on it being hailed “one of the best technology companies to come out of Europe”.1. On funding: "I view fundin... Read more

The Wrap: Wego’s 101 on tipping in foreign lands
15/10/2014, by

In the news: Wego’s guide to tipping, Suntec Singapore’s new online customer portal Malaysia Airlines’ tie-up with French rail company, Jetstar’s mobile boarding passWego's 101 on tipping in foreign landsTo tip or not to tip? This is the question that often confronts travellers, as the pract... Read more

Flight search nowhere near close being solved: Google’s Schmidt
15/10/2014, by

Excerpt from a speech Eric Schmidt of Google made on flight search:“You often hear people talk about search as a solved problem. But we are nowhere near close. Try a query like “show me flights under €300 for places where it’s hot in December and I can snorkel”.“That’s kind of complica... Read more

Trang is Asia’s cheapest airport, Beijing’s the busiest
14/10/2014, by

Thailand and Malaysia are home to the cheapest airports in Asia, according to a study by flight search engine,, with the former having three and the latter four.Topping the list as the cheapest is Trang in  Thailand, based on the cost of flights from the airport at an average of US... Read more