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Remembering LKY by his words, and deeds
23/03/2015, by

As much as any of us has been expecting it, we’re never prepared for that moment of finality. I remember the doctors preparing us, days ahead, for my father’s death. Yet when it came, it was still like a thunderbolt that left a big gap that’s yet to be filled. Noise, then silence. Transi... Read more

The Millennial Traveller: Tours of a thoughtful kind
19/03/2015, by

Whenever we travel, there’s an inherent expectation that we will experience the best a place has to offer, whether it be through dining at the finest restaurants, taking part in various cultural practices or even simply staying at the best hotel. We forget that within every place lies a side we... Read more

Solo travel on the rise among females in Southeast Asia
13/03/2015, by

Female solo travel is on the rise in Southeast Asia, according to the Women’s Travel Survey by TripAdvisor that was launched ahead of before International Women’s Day (March 8).The survey of 9,181 female travellers globally and 431 in Southeast Asia. reveals that 48% of women in Southeast Asia s... Read more