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Make five tourism marketing resolutions for 2015
22/12/2014, by

Tourism marketers should resolve to adopt five marketing practices if they want to achieve digital breakthrough in 2015.Mobile digital technology and apps have led to a crowd-sourced democratisation of the web where ordinary people become tourism industry suppliers. We've seen this in sites such as ... Read more

Looking back on 2014 and predictions for 2015, Part 1
22/12/2014, by

As 2014 draws to a close, WIT asked a few of our regular contributors for their review of the year and predictions for 2015.Fritz Demopoulos, CEO, Queen’s Road Capital1. The thing you will remember most about 2014 (personally)• Skiing with my daughter in Lech, Austria.• Cooked a 5-course meal ... Read more

Understanding bad reviews to increase your hotel’s ROI In 2015
19/12/2014, by

This is a guest blog by Margaret Ady , vice president, marketing of TrustYou.Here’s what we know about travel reviews as 2014 comes to a close: they matter. A lot. There are plenty of stats out there that show positive reviews have a positive impact on travel booking decisions. In fact, this year ... Read more

AdNear or Far: How personal do we want it to get?
18/12/2014, by

Whenever we find ourselves killing time by playing around with the apps on our phone, browsing the shops or even doing both simultaneously, most of us are likely to come across an advertisement or two.As most of us will have already noticed, these advertisements seem increasingly geared to and focus... Read more

The year that was in travel and predictions for 2015 from Wego
16/12/2014, by

The management teams from travel search site, Wego, in Asia Pacific and the Middle East look back at the travel trends in 2014, and give their forecast for the new year.Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia - Allen Miller, market development manager, Wego Southeast AsiaMalaysian trav... Read more

A successful airport will have happy passengers, says SITA
12/12/2014, by

SITA has released a positioning paper, “Happy Passengers, Successful Airport”, which states airports that invest in the passenger experience perform better by maximising revenue opportunities, improving customer satisfaction and driving efficiency benefits.However, delivering a fast and smooth j... Read more

Letter from Bangkok: Secrets of successful, happy people
11/12/2014, by

I woke up this morning. Wondered where I was. But took a deep breath and stayed calm.This is after all the advice from what is apparently the most influential post on LinkedIn, which has unknowingly or knowingly to some of us become not only a job marketplace but a media platform.Dr Travis Bradberry... Read more

We need to create “Interstellar” moments
09/12/2014, by

Watched Interstellar, the movie, on IMAX last weekend and I left thinking, it’s film makers like Christopher Nolan who will keep people coming back to the big screen.Sure, the IMAX, which is being hailed as the future of cinema, makes the experience even more mind-blowing but what’s a fancy piec... Read more