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The Wrap: No passenger left behind – a pledge from IATA
26/11/2014, by

In the news: Special "rescue fares "initiated by IATA, high demand for Bali hotels despite room glut on the island, workation for most Southeast Asian travellers No passenger left behind – a pledge from IATAThe International Air Transport Association (IATA) has unveiled a new arrangement to help p... Read more

Stand aside USA, Germany is now “best nation” in brand index
25/11/2014, by

Germany has knocked USA off the top spot to second place for "best nation", and  now takes the lead in the Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index (NBI).According to the annual study, Germany achieved the largest overall NBI increase  partly due to its score gain on “sport excellence”, which is the lar... Read more

The Millennial Traveller: The Lonely Road
25/11/2014, by

I always check in online before heading to the airport. I beat the queues, head straight to the bag drop and before I know it, I’m at security, waving the security guard away as he keenly asks whether I am carrying liquids, a laptop or any obviously lethal weapons like, God forbid, a pair of tweez... Read more

The Wrap: AirAsia Asean Pass to boost intra-regional travel
21/11/2014, by

In the news: AirAsia introduces the Asean Pass, Westminster Travel deploys Abacus TravelPlus, Cebu Pacific Air offers a Fun Data SIM to its guests.AirAsia Asean Pass to boost intra-regional travelLow cost carrier AirAsia will live up to its name of being  a “true Asean airline” with the commerc... Read more

Two men, one wish: Time for their lives
19/11/2014, by

 As I listened to Groupon founder Andrew Mason talk at the Phocuswright conference in Los Angeles last week about the epiphany he had while on his break in South-east Asia – about how technology was making us, including him, shitty people and he wanted to do something different with his life... Read more

OTAs – The Coming Wave: Lessons from abroad and local nuances
19/11/2014, by

Lorraine Sileo, senior vice president, research of Phocuswright, kicked off the “OTAs – The Coming Wave” session at the WIT Conference by painting the big picture of how OTAs were evolving. Here’s a recap of what she shared on stage. Q: Your study shows one quarter of travel is now booked on... Read more