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WIT Start-Up Pitch: Guiddoo – tour guides & activities in one app
02/03/2015, by

Vineet Budki, VP Strategy for Guiddoo, tells WIT how it wants to be the Skyscanner of Tours and Activities that enhances a traveller’s in-destination experience.Q. Describe the business, core products and services in one paragraphGuiddoo is a start-up that does tour guiding and gctivity meta-searc... Read more

The Wrap: Explore Asean the credit way with AirAsia
27/02/2015, by

Airlines are the focus in the news this week with AirAsia Asean Pass going on sale, Lufthansa works with Amadeus to personalise travellers’ experience, while Malaysia Airlines teams up with Sabre to improve efficiency.Explore Asean the credit way with AirAsiaNow everyone can fly to all the Asean c... Read more

Move from flights to travel drives Skyscanner’s global growth
26/02/2015, by

Skyscanner has increased revenues in 2014 by 42% to £93 million, with EBITDA of £20 million.The company said in a press release that its financial results were underlined by record visitor numbers to Skyscanner, with over 35 million people around the world planning their travel each month on the s... Read more

How to engage with India’s tech-savvy travellers
26/02/2015, by

This is a guest blog by Carolyn Childs, co-founder of, on how responsive mobile-ready websites are vital for India, a country where all age groups don't bat an eyelid using smartphones to research and book travel.During Australia Business Week in India in January our delegation ... Read more

The Millennial Traveller: Paradise Lost
24/02/2015, by

Going to Bali every Christmas was always an annual highlight in my family. We knew exactly what we were in for - which restaurants we needed to visit, how many days we wanted to dedicate to shopping versus beaching ourselves on the sand, and of course, how many fresh mangoes we were shipping home.Wh... Read more

With 75% ownership, Expedia firmly in driving seat in Asia
17/02/2015, by

When Expedia and AirAsia formed their 50/50 joint venture in 2011, they called it a “happy marriage”. Well, we guess now it can be called a happier marriage because with today’s announcement that Expedia has increased its stake in AAE Travel to 75%, both parties do end up happier as a result.A... Read more

The Millennial Traveller: The Tinder Trap
16/02/2015, by

A close friend recently asked me how I felt about Singapore’s dating pool. As a prospective newcomer to the city, he held a rightful amount of curiosity paired with a subtle dose of concern. Given this technological age, we’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to organically meet someone in the ... Read more

The five elephants in India’s tourism closet
16/02/2015, by

This is a guest blog by Carolyn Childs, co-founder of, a market research and marketing firm specialising in the travel, tourism and aviation industries.Promoting India is as much about clearing barriers as it is about inspiring people. So for India to maximise the benefits of to... Read more